« On n'a [plus] de pétrole, mais on a [toujours] des idées.»
(we don’t have any more oil, but we still have ideas)

Our thermo-industrial society encourages unsustainable lifestyles, because its model is based on overconsumption and usage of imported finite resources (oil, rare earths).

But our digital habits and their consequences always seem absent from ecological debates. The myth of an intangible digital heaven persists.

We are Chloé, Alexiane and Léo : together, we form collective CAL—LAC. We are activist designers committed to drawing the lines of a preferable futur, by questioning our use of digital tools.

How can we rethink our digital habits while including their energy use and environmental impact ?

To reinforce our theoretical knowledge, we each chose a different angle.

In the Déchiffrer des fins collection, you will find :

— Le début de la fin, an essay that questions the relationship between end, theology and digital practices,

— (r)évolution numérique, a reflection approaching the digital “revolution”’s underside and the adaptation prospects of our habits, to aim for a digital “evolution”,

— (pré)parer la fin ensemble, a manifesto seeking to show the importance of a joint commitment to each other, in order to prepare and face the collapse.